Authorized Units Column Control

If your spreadsheet(s) contains a column with values for what your records show as the authorized number of units for each person and you want the eBilling Assistant to check the total units billed against that value, enter the column containing those values. If left at zero, the program will not perform any check on total units. At this time, the ability to check units billed against the values listed on the eBilling units calendar webpage is not available (which is to say that Ross doesn't know how to do it).

If the eBilling Assistant finds that the authorized units have been exceeded, you will be offered the choice of:

  1. Automatically reducing the number of units claimed starting from the last day of the month and working backwards until the units billed equals the maximim authorized or;
  2. Checking the 'Defer' box on the eBilling calendar or;
  3. Ignoring the overage and fixing it manually.

IMPORTANT - DO NOT choose to ignore an overage if you have checked the 'Copy All' box. The program should drop out of the loop, but it may cause either the eBilling Assistant or the eBilling site itself to throw an error.

The value in this controls can be entered from the keyboard or selected by clicking the up/down buttons on the control.

Changes to this value take effect immediately, whether they are saved or not, but are discarded if a different template is selected.