Browser Control

The browser control is always visible at the bottom of the form and displays the currently webpage. It is updated whenever a new site is chosen from the 'Site' dropdown list on the 'Select eBilling Site and Login' page.

Within the browser control frame, all the controls on the eBilling webpage(s) work the same as they do if opened directly with Internet Explorer or Firefox. Anything you can do in the interface is available.

Usually, scroll bars appear as needed depending on the size of the eBilling Assistant window to allow you to view all parts of the webpage. However, because of the way DDS has configured the webpages within the eBilling application, you may need resize the eBilling Assistant window to see certain things. This is particularly true when looking at the line item page of a given invoice (if the window is sized too small, you may see only the top row or, even worse, only the lines that make up the top border around the individual names list). If this happens, just resize the eBilling Assistant window by clicking and dragging the appropriate border.

You must use the webpage buttons and options to accept the usage agreement at login, select the current service, find and select invoices, and select at least the first individual on any given invoice for billing information entry. The eBilling Assistant will fill in the calendar, but any other information (such as ending service dates, etc.) must be entered using the webpage options.