Copy Selected Row To Calendar Button

Once a match between the File Display Grid and the invoice is confirmed, just click the 'Copy Selected Row To Calendar' button and the units for the entire month will be entered for that person.

Depending on the setting of the 'Update, Update-Next' option control, your entries will be saved and either the webpage will remain on the same person (until you click "Next", "Previous" or "Update-Next" on the webpage) or the calendar page for the next person on the invoice will display.

Once the update is complete the previously selected person in the grid will show a black box in the cell next to the first column of information and the next person in the grid will be selected (although the selection indicator may not be visible). If the spreadsheet information is in the same order as the invoice you may click the button to copy the information as soon as the calendar page finishes loading. If not, just select the matching person within the grid before clicking the copy or enter the appropriate information described above for individuals on the invoice but not in the spreadsheet.

If the Copy All checkbox is checked, the program will attempt to automatically update each invoice line. There is a slight delay between each update dpending on your internet speed and the time it takes to load the calendar page for each invoice line. If there are no errors, the Browser Control will show the invoice page.

Once completed you can use the use the Submit button to submit the invoice. It is a good idea to double check your totals before submitting as you cannot edit an invoice once the Submit button has been clicked.