Field Format Textbox Controls

The three field format textboxes are only used for CSV file types. When importing this kind of file, the field names, types and sizes must be defined before the file can be imported.

The three input boxes define fields (columns) before the daily units, the daily units fields themselves, and any fileds after the daily units.

For the "Before daily units" and "After daily units" entries you must provide a name, file type and size.

The name can be any descriptive name less than 10 characters and may contain letters, numbers, underscores or dashes.

The type and size entries depend on the data in that field. Available codes are:

Each field description must be separated from the next by a comma.

An example might be: Name C(50),UCI C(7),Auth_Units N(6,2)

The Daily units box will generally be a numeric field using the same code described above, but DOES NOT need a name. The program will automatically add a name for the 31 daily units fields.

Remember to define the size and decimal places as the maximum size - especially if the file contains units of different magnitudes such as hours and miles.

Any errors in your field format definitions will result in errors during the import process.