File Display Grid

If your file is successfully imported the contents will be displayed in the grid.

The width of each column in the grid may be adjusted to improve your view of the data by positioning the mouse pointer over the column dividing lines in the top of the grid (labeled A, B, C, etc.). When the pointer changes to a vertical line with a double headed horizontal arrow through it, click and drag the column to the desired width.

As needed, vertical and horizontal scroll bars at the right and bottom of the grid can be used to scroll through the data.

Within the browser control, open the desired invoice and select the individual for whom you want to enter billing information (usually the first person listed) to open the calendar page. Verify that the name/uci on the displayed page matches the grid selection.

If it does not, scroll through the grid and select the row for correct person by clicking on any column within that row (the selection indicator will change accordingly). If the calendar page references a person for whom there is no spreadsheet record (and you are NOT using the "Copy All" feature), use the controls on the webpage to select "no service" or "defer" as appropriate or to enter end of service information, then click the "Update-Next" button on the webpage to move on to the next person.

If the Copy All checkbox is checked you must make sure that the records in your file match the regional center's invoice exactly before importing the file.