Select Spreadsheet File and Enter Calendar Data Page

This is the primary working page of the eBilling Assistant. It contains a visual display of the spreadsheet information, buttons for selecting a spreadsheet and for copying the information to the units calendar and the option to use either “update” or “update-next” behavior on the calendar page.

This page is automatically selected after login, but may be selected at any time. You are not required to login to an eBilling site prior to selecting a spreadsheet to use. Once a spreadsheet is selected, you may login to a different site if necessary without having to reselect a new spreadsheet. This can be useful if your spreadsheet contains billing information for more than one regional center.

The controls on the page are:

If the total units for the month are zero, the eBilling Assistant will automatically check the “No Service” box.

If an 'Authorized units column' value greater than zero has been entered the Assistant will check the total units used against the value in that column and the current row. If the units used exceed the authorized amount you will have the option of 1) reducing the number of units billed (starting from the last day of the month and moving backwards) until the units billed equal the maximum authorized, 2) checking the “Defer” box to request rebilling or 3) ignoring the overage and filling in the calendar with the values as is.

If you choose to reduce units billed it will only affect the units entered into the calendar page. The units shown in the grid and your underlying data will not change.

If you ignore the overage and the total units exceed what the regional center shows as the authorized maximum the webpage will display a warning message and you must correct the overage on the calendar before clicking either the “Update” or “Update-Next” buttons again. If you do not and click “Next” or “Previous” your changes will be discarded. This is also true if you have not implemented the authorized units check and the authorized amount shown on the webpage is exceeded or, when checking is enabled, if the regional center's authorization amount does not match yours and is exceeded.

DO NOT choose to ignore overages if you have selected the "Copy All" feature. At best, the eBilling website will drop your entries, at worst it may generate errors on both the website and within the eBilling Assistant.

If the regional center authorized amounts do not match yours it is generally best to defer billing for that person until the discrepancy can be corrected.

You may also change the values for any day in the grid prior to or after clicking the 'Copy Selected Row…” button. Making such changes DOES NOT affect the original spreadsheet values. If you make changes on the grid then click the “Copy Selected Row…” button, those changes will overwrite the previous values on the calendar.

Similarly, if you make changes to the original data because of newly discovered errors, late timesheets or any other reason and have not yet submitted the invoice, you can reopen the eBilling Assistant, reselect the now modified spreadsheet and overwrite the information on the calendar for any selected person. This can save time if there are significant changes for multiple people. For a few minor changes it is probably easier to simply open the eBilling site and make the changes directly on the calendar.

While some limited checks of data accuracy are performed, please be aware that the program cannot check to be certain that the correct person's information has been entered on any given calendar page or that the spreadsheet selected is for the same month/year/program as shown on the eBilling webpage. It is your responsibility to check the accuracy of the data entered prior to submitting any invoice. HCAR does not assume any responsibility or liability for errors in billing related to the use of this program.