Set Defaults Page

This page allows you to enter information about one or more eBilling sites and data locations on your spreadsheets. This information is saved for use by the eBilling Assistant in the future. Changes made on this page take effect immediately when saved. The Set Defaults page is automatically selected the first time you run the program.

The top portion of the page contains controls to allow you to enter new eBilling sites, edit information about existing sites or remove sites from the list of available sites.

Beneath the eBilling Websites section are the controls for entering import file information. Beginning with Version 2.0, multiple import file templates can be saved and selected from the "Select Spreadsheet File and Enter Calendar Data" page. In addition, Comma Separated Value (CSV) files may be used instead of Excel files.

The controls in this section are:

If you use spreadsheets with different layouts for different programs you can either save each one as a template or set no default at all. In either case, you can change the settings for the current import file by changing the values in each box to the appropriate values BEFORE clicking the 'Copy Selected Row To Calendar' button on the 'Select Spreadsheet File and Enter Calendar Data' page. Clicking the 'Save' button for Spreadsheet defaults is not required for temporary changes specific to a particular layout as the program checks the values on the form and will override the default values if they are different at the time the calendar is filled in.

When using CSV files, the format information MUST be entered before attempting to import the file.