Entering eBilling Site Information

,p.The first time the program is run the 'Site name' box will contain "Add a New Site", the 'Url' box will contain https:// and the 'Set as default' checkbox will be checked. Type in a descriptive name for the site you most commonly use or the one you want to be first in the list of sites shown in the dropdown box on the "Select eBilling Site and Login" page (e.g., RCRC Billing Page) and enter the complete internet address of the website in the Url box. Click the 'Save' button to the right to save your default eBilling webpage location. The site you have entered will now show up in the dropdown box.

You can add additional sites by selecting the "Add a New Site" option from the dropdown list and repeating the steps above. Checking the 'Set as Default' checkbox will set the site you've entered as the new default and reorder the list to put it at the top.