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Community volunteers

Joining HCAR annually helps support our ongoing programs and gives you a voice in shaping the agency's future.
Your donations are important and allow us to provide experiences and community access to the people we serve that we could not otherwise afford under increasingly limited government funding.
We need your help to continue to connect the people we serve with their communities.
Thank you!

Day programs

Joining online is safe and simple. HCAR uses PayPal to process payment information on their secure server. We do not store any of your payment information. You don't need a PayPal account (although you can open one) and most major credit cards are accepted.

When you join online, you have the option to automatically renew your membership every year. You can cancel at any time, either by going to the PayPal website or by clicking the "Cancel Membership" button below.

Membership Levels

Working for pay
Community advocacy